Taking proper care of Blue spot watchman goby

The species of blue spot watchman gobies are quite famous among a lot of people that have sincere liking towards aquatic fauna. The species of watchman gobies are quite diverse including watchman gobies, shrimp gobies and prawn gobies as well. They are most renowned for the formation of symbiotic relationships with a certain set of pistol shrimps.

These shrimps are mostly associated with making burrows as a place for living while the gobies are mostly associated with supplying food and other necessities. They are worker forces and defenders of the lair as well. One of the most characteristic features of any blue spot watchman goby is that they tend to be territorial and pretty aggressive at times as well.  This aggressiveness of theirs is particularly displayed against larger fishes, other territorial fishes and any other marine species.

The Fundamentals Of Taking Good Care Of Blue Spot Watchman Goby

Taking good care of gobies is extremely important. Taking proper care of the gobies however is not an easy task. One of the most important aspects that cannot be forgotten is the fact that a blue spot watchman goby typically likes to be around wide spaces. Therefore having an open and large fish tank would be extremely vital towards keeping them happy.

  • These species of gobies have been known to have an affinity towards frozen foods.
  • Flakes and fillets are among the special kind of foods which are much appreciated by these species of watchman gobies.
  • The species of blue spot watchman goby specially likes to be around large tanks with plenty of room. Large number of rocks and hiding places need to be around the place so that these fishes can indulge in physical activities.
  • They are pretty fine with “tankmates” but at the same time they can be pretty hostile towards other species of gobies and any other form of fishes. Therefore caution needs to be maintained while introducing any new form of fish to the tank.
  • Gobies are also known as “jumper fishes” and have been known to jump out of the aquariums at times as well. Therefore it is important to keep the aquariums covered so that the fishes do not tend to jump outside in case they feel threatened or agitated in any case. One good alternative in such case would be to provide the blue spot watchman goby with plenty of hiding places under rocks such that they can retreat to them in such cases.

While it may sound a bit difficult to take good care of gobies, but there are large number of people that are actually fond of this aquatic animal. It is owing to their enticing looks and appeal that thousands of marine enthusiasts keep them in their aquariums throughout the world.

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